About us


The Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research aims to promote academic work that addresses the question of how to use our scarce resources to improve the world by as much as possible.

We are especially interested in the idea that the primary determinant of the value of our actions today is how those actions influence the very long-run future. We believe that by making the right decisions today, humanity has the opportunity to positively steer civilisation’s trajectory for thousands of years to come.  We are therefore interested in supporting excellent research that:

  • Defends or criticises the idea that we should primarily care about the very long-run impact of our actions.

  • Works out the implications of a long-term view for our decisions today.

  • Is of importance for the long-run future of civilisation, even if the research is not directly about the idea of long-term impact.



Our Team


Assoc Prof William MacAskill


Associate Professor in Philosophy and Senior Research Fellow at the Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford. His academic research focuses on the fundamentals of effective altruism - the use of evidence and reason to help others by as much as possible with our time and money, with a particular concentration on how to act given moral uncertainty.



Laura Pomarius

Assistant Director

Laura ensures the smooth running of all programmes and operations. Before her current role, Laura worked in business development, communications and operations in academia and industry.

aron (1).png

Aron Vallinder

Research Fellow

Working closely with Will MacAskill, Aron undertakes research projects relevant to Forethought’s mission. He recently completed his PhD in philosophy, specialising in Bayesian epistemology, at the London School of Economics. Before that, he studied for a BPhil at Oxford and a BA at Lund University in Sweden, both in philosophy.



Philip Trammell

Research Fellow

Philip assists with determining how the tools of economic theory might be applied to questions of very-long-term importance. He studied economics and mathematics at Brown University, and he has served in economics research roles at the Cato Institute, NERA Economic Consulting, and the University of Chicago.



GLobal Priorities Institute

The Forethought Foundation works closely with the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University.

Centre for effective Altruism

The Forethought Foundation is a project of the Centre for Effective Altruism, aiming to create a global effective altruism community.


The Forethought Foundation is a project of the Centre for Effective Altruism, and works in close collaboration with the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University.